Friday, July 25, 2014

Hopeful Way Board Met on July 17, 2014

Under the chairmanship of Prof. Joseph Asare, the Hopeful Way Foundation board of directors met at Peace Be Clinic in Accra last week.  It was decide that definite steps will be taken to look into the feasibility of establishing a women's house for women who want non-medical recovery. Such a house would be established and run in close collaboration with Pantang Hospital and the Korle Bu Hospital Addictive Diseases Unit. Part of the report to the meeting included the following:

Oyarifa Oxford House (aka “Bill Moore House”)  – This recovery house/transitional house was opened in mid-2009 and has had as many as ten residents.  With a capacity of twelve, the Oyarifa House presently has three residents and is in need of revitalization and restructuring.  It is suggested that recovery programs be introduced along with more structured use of time by residents.  With the view of establishing a closer relationship, we are in discussions with the Medical Director of Pantang Hospital and the Addictive Diseases Unit. 


Koo Tufo Oxford House – Located in Kukurantumi, this is an Oxford House that provides treatment and recovery programs to an average of about five residents.  The HWF makes regular visits to assist in strengthening the facility which is being sponsored by the Books for Africa Library Project. 


Oxford House Chapter – We are still in the process of establishing a grouping of recovery houses in Ghana which is intended to monitor and support the houses.  Hopeful Way Foundation would in turn assist in building the chapter that could remain part of HWF or could possibly be registered as an NGO. 


Byron Merriweather – With the support of Oxford House, Inc. and Recovery Africa, Byron returned to Ghana on 16 June, 2014 to begin a stay of at least one year. While he will assist with the development of the HSF, his main focus will be on the strengthening of Oxford Houses and the establishment of additional houses, including a house for women and a chapter.  He will also assist with the expansion of 12-step meetings and related activities. 


Hopeful Way Web Site and Blog – The HWF website ( is updated from time to time but the blog ( is posted regularly.  From 2008 until present, 110 articles have been posted on the blog which give a good history of activities of the HWF. 


House of St. Francis (HSF) – The House has been the focus of our activities for the past three years.  It began accepting clients on 1 September, 2012, it was registered as an NGO in September, 2013 and by June, 2014 had 22 male residents and a female outpatient.  The HSF will be handed over to the Catholic Archdiocese of Accra in August, 2015.  Thanks to the presence of Byron Merriweather, numerous professionals and Edwin Ahadzie and his staff, the HSF is making excellent progress.  The HWF discontinued HSF salary support in January, 2014, and treatment fees were raised to GHC600 per month.  The facility brings in enough income to cover core running expenses.  Some clients do not pay fees or pay reduced fees.  Major challenges include the establishment of a HSF fundraising committee, the need to pay salaries rather than a stipend to HSF staff and a greater involvement of the Archdiocese in the HSF board of directors.  Income and expenses for the HSF for 2013 were as follows:

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