Monday, March 17, 2014

Lonnetta Albright Supports Recovery in Africa

Great Lakes ATTC – Great Lakes ATTC – Lonnetta Albright is Executive Director of the Great Lakes Addiction Technology Transfer Center at the University of Illinois /Jane Addams College of Social Work. Her regional ATTC leads the ATTC Network in Recovery-Oriented System Transformation efforts. She led the 2008 NIATx-ATTC pilot with the Detroit ROSC provider network as well as other county, state, regional and national ROSC transformation efforts. Under a PEPFAR sub-grant she led her ATTC’s ROSC efforts in Tanzania, Africa to train and build capacity within the substance use disorders systems and recovery community. During her 15 year tenure with the ATTC she chaired the National ATTC Criminal Justice committee; NIDA/SAMHSA-ATTC Blending Team to disseminate research results from the Motivational Incentives for Enhanced Drug Abuse Recovery, and is past co-chair of the ATTC Recovery Committee. “What I believe really helps people, families and communities achieve recovery-health-wellness is essentially what they tell us works. Recovery is personal, transformative and it depends on the entire community (formal and informal networks). I personally witnessed this as the daughter of a recovering alcoholic father who in partnership with his family, friends, employer and community enjoyed over 30 years in recovery prior to his passing at 92 years of age. Rather than focusing solely on evidence based clinical practices that revolve exclusively around treatment, government, health care and research entities our ATTC broadens its mission to include dissemination of emerging models and promising practices for designing and delivering recovery support services; leadership development and capacity building within the recovery community; and developing recovery community organizations.”