Friday, November 8, 2013

Thinking about a Recovery Center

Training Center – The Hopeful Way Foundation will be examining the feasibility of establishing a “Recovery Center” on the almost half acre plot where the Bill Moore Oxford House is located near Accra.  The exact nature of such a center is yet to be determined but it would assist in strengthening the recovery movement that is gaining momentum in Ghana.  During the coming months, we will be examining various possibilities.  Initial thoughts are to construct additional buildings which would accommodate 30 or so residents, a hall which could hold about 75 participants, break out rooms for smaller meetings and a kitchen.  The current building being used as an Oxford House holds up to 14 residents.  The Recovery Center, if that is to be its name, would be flexible and able to meet the training needs of the recovery in Ghana.  The trainers would come from professionals in Ghana, the U.S. and other countries, recovery experts and others who have solid recovery experiences in 12-step recovery, Therapeutic Community, etc.  It is likely that the Hopeful Way Foundation would move forward with this Center only if other organizations came on board with their formal collaboration.