Sunday, November 1, 2009

Hopeful Way Update

We haven't been doing very well in posting information on our blog. Byron Merriweather of Oxford House International was in Ghana for six weeks getting Hopeful Way/Oxford House on its feet, and we seemed too busy to post information. By 1st November there were four persons living in the house. Four additional persons lived in the house for some time and left for various reasons. Two of the residents were on assignment at Pantang Hospital and stayed in the house for three monhs before returning to the UK. Byron completed his stay with Hopeful Way in Accra on 31st August and Dan left for the U.S. on 2nd September to take care of a medical problem. We will try to post some additional information on the blog in the coming weeks. Dr. Eugene Dordoye and others are giving guidance to the house on behalf of Hopeful Way Foundation.

Submitted by
Dan O'Laughlin