Saturday, February 14, 2009

Mushrooms, Snails and Moringa

On 7th February Agnes and I spent the day at Hopeful Way House with two Peace Corps Volunteers, environmentalists, who are assisting with the introduction of agricultural activities at the House. The raising of mushrooms and snails and the growing of moringa trees are expected to be maintained by the residents of the House and to possibly generate some income. With the assistance of carpenters who were making beds for the House, a pen for snails was constructed and a thatched roof structure is being put up to provide shade for the mushrooms. A group of ten students from Agape Children’s Home came to the site and participated in the discussions led by PCVs Ira and Travis. The Agape students are in the process of collecting 2,000 “pure water” sachets to be used to germinate moringa seedlings. The House is situated on a plot that is nearly half an acre in size and will utilize harvested rain water to grow vegetables and other crops. Two underground tanks and gutters were installed last week to harvest water. We are waiting for the first rains to fall in April or possibly sooner.


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